Lunch at Green Man & French Horn, West End

Pork rillette with cornichos. 

I really enjoy working in the West End, because of all the nice restaurants around there. One favourite is definitely Terroirs, and recently they have opened a sister restaurant just around the corner from Terroirs, so of course I had to go and check it out one lunch time.

Girolles and artichokes with egg yolk. Simple yet genius! 

Green Man & French Horn feels similar to Terroirs, but feels more like a restaurant than a wine bar. The interior is rustic with mismatched wooden tables which contributes to the relaxed atmosphere.

Just like at Terroirs you can decide for yourself if you want a full three-course meal, nibbles or just one main dish. Always a sucker for nibbles Caroline and I ordered a few dishes each. It was all really good, but we so over-ordered. Just the velvety corn soup we had to start would have been enough for lunch, but we did our best with the other dishes too.

Sardines with gremolata – amazingly good. 

Langoustines with lemon, something utterly Swedish that I have hardly seen on a British menu. Really good! 

Despite good efforts we were not even remotely close to finish all the food, so we actually asked for a doggy bag. One shall never waste good food!

Green Man & French Horn
54 St. Martins Lane
London WC2N 4EA 
0207 836 2645