Denmark: Gisselfeld, Zealand, Denmark

My parents are good at coming up with nice places to visit, both at home in Skåne and across the waters in Denmark. As we were driving down towards the islands Lolland and Falster we stopped at Gisselfeld Abbey; a castle with a lovely orangery, park, shop and restaurant.

The orangery is really big and contains lots of different plants, and although I find it beautiful I definitely have a shorter attention span to such things than my gardening mother.

Isn’t it beautiful?!

Outside of the orangery there was a nice display of pots and plants and inside it was full to the brim with geranium and little orange trees.

I really appreciated the beauty of this place but when the blod sugar levels drop I was really pleased to find the restaurant on the grounds.

The restaurant and cafée was just as nice as the gardens. The tables were wooden and painted in a dark green and there was a box filled with cushions by the counter to put on your chair and sit comfortably.  Even the table decorations were thought through and consisted of edible pea shoots. How clever!

Both mum and dad went for the Paris patty; a beef patty served on bread with a poached egg on top and served with three different sauces. Simple but well cooked.

I was super hungry and went for the homemade burger served with quickly pickled cucumber and homemade dressing. Very nice!

Gisselfeld Klostercafé
Gisselfeldvej 12  
4690 Haslev