New York: Dinner at Café Gitane, the Jane

Café Gitane has a café in Nolita that seem to have reached cult status; everyone talks about it. But they also have an outpost in the Meat Packing District, in the Jane, a hotel just by the waterfront.

We had supper her one evening an enjoyed the nice food, cosy ambiance and nice company. The food was good, but lacked some wow factor, although some dishes were really good. But we all felt the food felt more like what you have for lunch than dinner.

We started with some nibbles to share, and they went down really well. They were simple dishes, but really good! The aioli gratinated focaccia was amazing (must try this at home) and the baked feta with tomatoes, olives and capers was really nice too.

We also had a fresh and a little zingy carrot salad to counteract the heavy cheese and bread. We were really pleased with the nibbles, it was more the maincourses that we were not completely in love with.

Linus and I chose the haché which was like a cottage pie. Nice but not wow.

Claes had a pasta gratin with serrano which looked nice, but also lacked a little oomph.

Emma’s chicken salad actually looked really nice and fresh. Perhaps they’re better at nibbles and small bites than proper mains..?

Emma and Claes decided to share a pudding, and Linus had one as well. I opted for a glass of Bailey’s instead as I was full. And the pudding they all chose was a monster. A delicious monster. A huge helping of chocolate bread pudding with an equally large serving of whipped cream. It was nice, very rich and way too big.

After supper we found a lounge area in the restaurant were we continued with drinks before heading to the nightclub in the same building.

I wasn’t as bawled over by Café Gitane as I expected to be, but it was still a lovely evening. it is perfect to go here for nibbles before a night out, but I would like them to improve their maincourses. But please keep the aioli focaccia just as it is! Yum!

Café Gitane  (MPD branch)
The Jane
113 Jane Street
New York, NY

New York: Lunch at Oficiana Latina

Another must on the to-eat-list for New York seems to be Café Gitane in Nolita, but when we were in the mood for lunch so did everyone else. Instead of queueing for ages we walked around the corner and chose another cosy place to eat. That’s a great thing with New York; if an area has one nice resurant that you know of there are without a doubt more good ones in the same area.

We ended up in Oficina Latina and is a pan-Latino restaurant with a nice lunch menu. Also our friend Linus had joined the gang at this point, so I can show you even more from the menu.

Claes chose a monster of a sandwich with steak, bacon, fried egg and pickles and it seem to never end. He just ate and ate and still had the whole thing left on it plate. It seemed.

Emma chose a more normal sized chicken salad that looked really nice and fresh.

Linus portion of tuna scewers with veg and rice also looked more regular in size.

I wanted a burger and I guess you just have to take my word for it that it is what is hidden underneath all that cheese. Cheese and pickled peppers were actually really nice on a burger, just fyi.

We liked this place, and it is perfect for a laid-back lunch. That burger and steak sandwich would also cure any hangover. Promise!

24 Prince Street
New York
NY 1001
(646) 381-2555