Baked brie with cloudberry jam


Baked camembert is more or less a staple party food in this country, and this nibble is not far off, but it has a Scandi twist and that is why I served it at my glögg party earlier this year.

The cloudberriy is a berry that grows in the Northern hemisphere. It looks similar to a raspberry and also grows on bushes but is a little bit bigger than the raspberry and has a more sourer taste. It works really well with cheese and is commonly served with breaded and deep-fried camembert in Sweden. This is not a step very far from that, but it feels a bit fresher.

How to: 

Place a whole ripe brie in an ovenproof dish and spread a layer of cloudberry jam on top. Pour more jam into a ramekin and place in the tray. Place it in a 180C oven for about 20 minutes. Serve with crackers such as Finncrisp. 

Tapas style dinner with baked brie

We went out for dinner on Friday with a few friends to celebrate that Ian is another year older. So on Saturday we had a typical Friday dinner, tapas style little bits. Love that!

We had prosciutto and saucisson with crema di balsamico, melon, nice crusty bread, cornichons, radishes and baby plum tomatoes, chilli jam, truffle honey, baked brie with rosemary and fried leeks with paprika sauce. The latter will get its very own post tomorrow, but the delicious (and ridiculously easy) brie is here:

Baked brie with rosemary, serves 2

4 chunks of brie (2×2 cm)

fresh rosmary

(a dollop of honey if you like)

4 pieces baking parchment

Place cheese + rosemary (+ honey if you prefer) on a piece of the baking paper and fold it into a little parcel. Place in a baking tray and put in a recently turned off oven (I had mine on 200C) for about 5 minutes until it is all gooey and soft and tastes of rosemary.