Roasted beetroots with butter and grated horseradish


Roasted beetroots may not sound too exciting, but trust me, these ones which were roasted with plenty of butter and served with grated fresh horseradish are delicious! Another veggie dish for Christmas, perhaps?!

Roasted beetroots with butter and grated horseradish, serves 4

750 g fresh beetroots

1 small splash mild oil

3 tbsp salted butter

grated fresh horseradish

salt, pepper

Use plastic gloves to avoid red hands. Peel the beetroots with a potato peeler and cut in half. Add some oil to an roasting dish and add the beetroots. Add a tbsp butter and season. Roast in 180C oven until soft, for approx 40 minutes.Turn them once in a while and add another tbsp butter halfway through cooking. Once soft, remove from the oven and toss them in some more butter. Add grated horseradish and serve. 

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