Going back to the 1920s… for an evening


When it was my friend Marie-Louise’s birthday a few weekends ago she invited us to a 1920s themed evening at The Candlelight Club. It was literally like travelling back in time for an evening.

The hall where the party was hosted was an art deco building in West London (although the venue changes and is kept a secret until a few days before the party) and a perfect fit for this party. As you walked up the stairs to the ballroom you noticed the stage where the band later played charleston songs, and the DJ next to it, who was entertaining us in between the sessions.


Walking further in you saw all the round tables laid with proper linen tablecloths, lit candelabras, champagne buckets and coupe glasses.


Everyone went all in dressing up in 1920s gear and it was lovely to see one outfit after another! The bar at the back served typical 1920s cocktails and you could order food from the menus on the tables all through the evening. It was so well planned!


Instead of a traditional cake Marie-Louise got a ‘cake’ of macarons!


Thank you for a great evening!


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