Dinner at Soho Diner, Soho


On Friday I met up with a few girl friends after work. Two of us managed to get out early, so we met up in the bar at Soho Diner (part of the Soho House group) and had some drinks and nibbles while waiting for the other two. We sat overlooking the kitchen and saw them prepare one delicious burger after another, so we were pretty certain of what to order when we sat down for dinner.

When the last person in our little group was on her way, we asked the waitress to put us down for a table as you can’t pre-book. Twenty minutes later we were shown to our table by the window, which was actually quite chilly, especially compared to the heat from the stove.

We all decided on the single burger (which funnily enough consists of two patties while the double burger has three just to confuse matters) and shared some fries and a salad.

sd1The burgers were seriously good and tasted like a piece of New York (not literally obviously). It came in a brioche bun (which all burgers should do, in my opinion) and the condiments were fresh and not too messy. It was also served with a huge salted gherkin, to add to the NY vibe even further.

The fries were lovely and crisp and absolutely delicious and I like the fact that they come with mayonnaise (so no need to ask the waiter for sauces).

I loved Soho Diner and will definitely come back. The service was great, especially when we were at the bar, the food was delicious and the atmosphere buzzing and fun.

NB. Please forgive the dark and grainy pictures. The lighting was dark and I only had my iPhone camera at hand.

Soho Diner, 19-21 Old Compton St, London W1D 5JJ

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