Happy Friday!


Even though I’ve been home most nights this week I still feel incredibly tired. I think perhaps my subconscious is trying to tell me to relax since it is just a few weeks to go until some time off. 

It’s a good thing that I love all the Christmas preparations so I’m sure this next month will fly past. 

These evenings in I have been cooking and baking quite a lot, and afterwards rewarded myself with an episode of the amazing Swedish TV series Niklas Mat. It is unfortunately in Swedish and no longer available at SVT play, but I love the show. Niklas Ekstedt is a renowned Swedish chef with several restaurants in Stockholm and in this series he does work practice for five days at a few well-known restaurants around the world and on the last day at each place he cooks a dish for the head chef who gets to decide if it is good enough to be added to the restaurant’s menu. 

Anyway… It’s Friday and I’m going out in Soho with a few friends tonight and even though I’m tired I’m really looking forward to it. Tomorrow I have a long Skype date planned with my bestie so we can put the world right so it will be a good weekend.

Have a nice one!

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