The weekend is here…


I’m a bit of an on-off kind of person. Either I’m super busy socially going like a whirlwind from one thing to the other and love the pace of it. Or I’m at home a couple of evenings in a row, not in the mood to go out, watching a good series on my iPad, cooking every night and going to bed early. Then I’m in the mood for another stretch of busy busy.

To mix these up so that every week was in moderation would be far too sensible (and boring).

So this week I spent Monday evening baking for the office (with one eye on the telly watching the last episode of Tom Kerridge’s proper pub food), Tuesday I met up with my friend Laura for drinks, Wednesday I had dinner and bubbly with the girls at Randall & Aubin in Soho (and lunch at Flatiron, reviews to come) and yesterday it was birthday drinks for Ro! Tonight I’m having a few girls over for dinner, tomorrow I’m going out for cocktails and on Saturday I’m having brunch with a friend from Uni I haven’t seen for a while. And maybe I’ll squeeze in some shopping too. Although this might sound a bit exhausting I know I can cope with it all so long as I get to sleep in on the weekend. If I have to set my alarm on Saturdays and Sundays though I feel like I missed out on a whole weekend.

I am not a morning person so making up for the rough awakenings of the alarm clock Monday through to Friday is the reward of sleeping until I wake up and lazy around in my PJs before starting the day at the weekends.

Have a great weekend!

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