Happy Friday!


Some weeks just drag and this one has felt longer than most for no apparent reason. So happy Friday everyone!

Last weekend was pretty uneventful for me as I moved flats the previous weekend and was completely shattered but I feel I have more energy now so really excited to try some new restaurants and catch up with my girls.

Tonight, Sinead and I, are going to Bluebird for dinner and probably drinks after somewhere but we’ll play it by ear. Tomorrow I’ll celebrate my friend Laura’s birthday with drinks at Lab Bar and dinner at Arbutus and on Sunday I’m catching up with my Swedish friend Maria over a coffee. Sooo looking forward to it all!

Is it wine o’clock yet?!

Note: As you may be aware I have two blogs; this one in English and one in Swedish featuring similar content, and as the food blogging community in Sweden is a lot smaller than London and the UK I tend to divide more attention and personalise my Swedish blog more than Scandelights. But since I have quite a few readers here too (just less comments) I thought you’d like to know what I get up to (i.e. eat) at the weekends too so I will include my more personal Friday posts here as well. Let me know what you think! And happy Friday!

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