My favourite time of year in Sweden is definitely the crayfish season! When I was a child you were not allowed to fish crayfish in the lakes until the first Wednesday in August when it was the crayfish premiere. This has since been changed so you are allowed to fish crayfish all year round but because we had this rule for such a long time, I don’t think it feels right to eat crayfish any earlier than August each year.

And that’s why I made sure to have some crayfish when I was at home in August. My last evening there I stayed in with my parents enjoying a nice meal.


We started off with bubbly and some Parmesan biscuits. Then moved onto some leftovers from the party; tandoori chicken drumsticks with garlic sauce, salad and potato wedges.


And then we had crayfish! Mummy thoroughly spoiled us with buying Swedish ones and they were delicious. It is pretty messy eating these babies, sucking and cracking their shells but oh so satisfying. I can still recall the taste… So yummy!

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