Lovely luncheon at Dvor, Split, Croatia


Split is not a large town so after a few days we had exhausted the town centre and explored different areas of the town and stumbled upon this wealthier area with tennis courts, fancy cars and among others, restaurant Dvor, where we had lunch.c45

It was placed just by the waterfront overlooking a beach. We sat in the garden enjoying the amazing view and gorgeous food. c30c48

We started off with an amuse bouche; a wooden board with grassy olive oil, crostini toasted in an wood-fired and house charcuterie (prosciutto and salami). Such an amazing way to start out meal.


The menu was charmingly written in perfect English with funny (and slightly arrogant) comments from the chef on it, stating how nice his food was. We had a tough time choosing from the menu as we could eat it all, but in the end Gaby decided on a cod risotto, which to me, sounded a bit strange but it was utterly delicious! A chef who can cook like that is allowed to be a bit arrogant…c51

I had the homemade tagliatelle with prusciutto, black truffle (which I never seem to be able to resist) and rocket. It was seriously creamy with deliciously strong flavour. I absolutely loved it! c54

After stuffing us full with the gorgeous food we sat enjoying the view and our wine for a while people watching. The other guests seemed to be a mix of families, couples and ladies who lunch.

The only downside with Dvor was (unfortunately) the service. Both the food and the lovely setting weighed up, but I still find it inexcusable for a good restaurant to have bad service. Our waiter was both a little grumpy and left us waiting when the kitchen was backed up, the apology arrived at the same time as our food. And when we wanted to settle the bill our waiter was nowhere to be found so we had to wait again.Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch otherwise I would suggesting hiring some new waiters.

Dvor, Put Firula 14, 21000 Split, Croatia

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