Nettles and wild garlic


The last five days I went back home to the south of Sweden to visit my parents and my friends. I had a lovely time seeing everyone and eating great food and even the weather was cooperating (we had the same glorious weather as in Britain, just a few degrees cooler)!

My parents live in the countryside, close to a lake and some woods and with plenty of fields in the near surroundings. It is just as idyllic as it seems and I have so many happy memories from the woods from my childhood. Now I enjoy more seldom, but it just brings back happy memories walking around there.


This time we stayed for quite a while, picking the first small nettles so I could bring them back with me, but also the wonderful wood anemones for pure decoration. There is also plenty of wild garlic, which I love and I picked plenty of that too before leaving.

I have quite a few recipe ideas using nettles and wild garlic, but before I post them I’d like to remind you of some wild garlic recipes already on the blog. I can highly recommend wild garlic mayo which I eat out of season too (just steam and freeze the wild garlic and use whenever), mother’s delicious wild garlic soup and it is always a good pairing with asparagus, like in this quiche.

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