La Fromagerie, Marylebone

One of my favourite parts of London for a Sunday stroll is definitely Marylebone High Street with it cute shops, cosy cafés and nice restaurants. When Therése and I spent our Sunday morning and early afternoon shopping here, I knew exactly where we would stop for lunch; at La Fromagerie of course.

I’ve been here before to eat there amazing breakfast, but for lunch we shared a large cheese platter and a bread basket.

We tried the cheeseroom cheese platter and had (from left to right) Mothais, Poitou (goat), Reblochon, Savoie (cow), Napoleon, Haut Pyrenees (ewe), Ami du Chambertin, Burgundy and Blue des Causses, Rourgue (I’m guessing ewe’s milk)

We enjoyed all the cheeses, and some combinations of crackers and cheese were amazing, but the cheese we both liked best on its own was Napoleon. It is similar to one of my favourite cheeses Ossau-Iraty, but I must say Napoleon was even better, magnificent in fact. On our way out I had to step into the cheeseroom to buy some of the Napoleon and some Wigmore too, my favourite among British cheeses.

Apart from the nice cheeses and other good food on the menu, I like the rustic feel of La Fromagerie. It is a shop and restaurant all in one with the tables scattered across the shop floor. In the shop you find seasonal vegetables and fun and interesting ingredients like chestnut flour and Spanish almonds.

And then of course, there is the cheeseroom. You slide the door open and step into heaven, where you wait your turn to be helped while admiring all the cheeses.

La Fromagerie
2-6 Moxon Street
London W1U 4EW

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