Dinner at Bleeding Heart Bistro

I work in London’a West End and know that area of Central London best when it comes to restaurant and bars. So it is nice to go for supper with friends who know different parts of town and can show you around a bit.

A restaurant one of my girl friends recommended, is the Bleeding Heart Bistro. Situated close together is a tavern, bistro and restaurant all within the Bleeding Heart Family.

I met Laura after work at the Tavern pub for a quick drink that I missed by being late and lost. Luckily I got a cab to take me in the right direction. I love that you can trust the cabbies when you’re iPhone doesn’t work…

We then went across the courtyard to the bistro and sat down. Our other friend Jess was joining too, but had to work late so Laura and I had a starter each and some bubbly while waiting for her.

Laura had sardines on toast. Beautiful salty sardines on a chunky slice of toasted farmhouse bread. I had a buttery flaky pissaladière; a pizza relative from the South of France wuth caramelized onions and anchovies.

When Jess arrived she quickly decided on the lobster, and so one should when having to work late!

Laura chose a Nicoise salad with a large piece of seared tuna.

I was feeling really hungry and had a ribeye steak cooked blue with chips and bearnaise sauce.

As you can see the food was fresh and well cooked, and it tasted lovely too. Despite this I still felt something was lacking. Maybe just something unspecified but ‘chef-ey’.

Although tastey and nicely presented the food available was simple and something I could easily make myself. Most other places serving simple food usually offers a twist of some kind to make it original and that was what I would have liked to see here as well.

With that said we still had a nice evening here and there is nothing wrong with the food. It could just be even better!

One thing I did object to, which is rather petty of me, I must admit, is the fact that we had crisp linen tablecloths and flimsy paper napkins. Surely, with linen table cloths you have linen napkins?!

Bleeding Heart Bistro
Bleeding Heart Yard, off Greville Street
Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8SJ

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