New York: Fine dining at Daniel

The reason for our NYC trip in the first place is that both Emma and I turn 30 this year (exactly a month apart) and we wanted to celebrate it properly! Properly probably means over the top for anyone else but bare with me. We got each others gifts in Tiffany’s and then went for dinner at Daniel – this lovely gourmet restaurant.

We had a wondeful evening and I would recommend everyone to visit Daniel. The food was superb, the staff friendly and professional and we just had such a fantastic time.

The meal started with an amuse bouche with aubergine. Smoked salmon with aubergine confit (left), aubergine soup (middle) and octupus with aubergine (right). It was very tasty, but nowhere near as good as the food yet to come.

Emma and I chose the same amazing starter; slow baked jade tiger abalone with cinco jotas, zucchini marmalade and avocado, wood sorrel, oregano gremolata. Absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t had abalone before and Google tells me it was sea snails we had. They were served warm in its shell with a lovely avocado purée underneath. The starter was rather large but felt very light and it was nice with the contrasting textures of silky, smooth, crispy etc.

Linus chose the tasting of rabbit with terrine with curly mustard and young vegetables, en gelée with tarragon, baby leeks and carrots. It was also rather large and looked amazing. Claes chose a silky melon velouté with tiger prawns that also looked incredibly good.

Out of the many maincourses I was torn between two meat dishes. In the end I settled for the same as Claes; roasted veal tenderloin with artichoke barigoule, braisked cheeks with tomato-jalapeño chutney, crispy sweetbreads, glazed parrty pan squash, French beans. The tenderloin was perfectly cooked and was melt-in-the-mouth delicious, but what really impressed was the lovely cheeks and the amazing sweetbread.

Linus chose the other maincourse I was thinking of and the one our strong minded waiter suggested; duo of beef, braised Black Angus short ribs with romanesco purée, seared Wagyu tenderloin, tomato stuffed russet potato, glazed chanterelles. It looked incredible and Linus was very please with his choice. No surprise there!

Emma chose a Daniel signature dish of slow baked black seabadd with syrah sauce, lettuce stuffed potato, shallot chutnet cromesquis (like an unbreaded croquetas). She was very please and it looked delicious, jus like everything else.

Both Emma and I felt too full after the mains, and we noticed that even in French gourmet restaurants in the States the portions are bigger. But after a short break we still managed to eat dessert. Thank God for that, since they gave us even more desserts because of our birthday celebration – so very sweet of them. They certainly know how to make you feel special!

Emma and I chose the sama delicious chocolate pudding; warm guanaja chocolate coulant, liquid caramel, Fleur de Sel, milk sorbet a bit like a fondant but with a les cake-y texture. It was a perfect way to end a meal, and yet we had more.

The boys chose a fruity passion fruit-vanilla vacherin, mango chutney, mascarpone chantilly, meringue. Fresh and delicious!

One of the extra puddings I think was the milk chocolate dacquoise, jivara parfait, toffee tuile and salted caramel-glass. Wonderful but almost too rich.

The other surprise dish was a lot lighter and went down quickly. Strawberry granité, crème dAnjou, sacristain, szechuan eepper sorbet. Wonderful!

We also got petit fours and a bowl with mini Madeleines fresh from the oven. We felt like Marie Antoinette with all the goodies! The post-dinner slow walk was mush needed, I assure you!

I can’t find the words to describe this meal proplerly, it was just fabulous and I think you should all go! It was also not very expensive considering we had a set menu (they only do set menus and tasting menus). The food was incredible and the service outstanding. We also got to see Daniel himself as he spoke to the table next to us because they ordered the tasting menu. Star struck!

60 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10065

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