New York: Dinner at ‘Inoteca

A restaurant almost everyone recommended in New York was Freeman’s, a cosy restaurant on the Lower East Side and I soo wanted to go. But unfortunately I didn’t get to reserve a table online so we chanced it on Thursday night, but without luck. It was a 45 minute wait and at that point, with low blood sugar it was (unfortunately not an option). Instead we chose another of the cute and cosy restaurants on the same street.

The place we ended up in is called ‘Inoteca and is a cosy Italian restaurant where you can sit either out on the sidewalk or inside. We chose the former since it was a warm evening and it was good fun sitting there people-watching, sipping wine and eating our supper.

We started with three bruschette that were all delicious. Ricotta and honey (left), pesto (right) and tapenade (at the back). They were really fresh and yummy and the bread was gorgeous. Perfect way to start a casual meal.

Emma chose chicken piccante and received this huge chicken breast. It was served with a salad with corn and croûtons and was nice and spicy.

Claes  chose the lasagnette, and as the name suggest it was a small portion of lasagne, but it was very nice and very filling, Claes said.

I chose the lamm ragu. It was really nice and full of umami flavours. Served with toasted bread and a fried egg it felt like quite a light dinner. Yum!


For once we were in the mood for pudding and we all chose the same; chocolate pudding. It was nice and had a velvety texture, but it was oh so filling. It was really sweet and tasted almost like chocolate fudge, so the whipped cream was a fresh contrast.

98 Rivington Street at Ludlow
New York, NY 10002
212 614 0473


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