New York: Longest walk ever, part I

Times Square

We were extremly excited our first full day in New York. So much that we ended up walking for 6 hours straight, breaks excluded.

Madison Square Garden

We started the walk at our hotel in Midtown and walked down towards Times Square and Madison Square Garden.

Typical external fire escape

Cosy tree-lined streets around Bleecker

We then walked towards Bleecker Street and on towards Ground Zero and all the tourists. But it was worth the long queue to see the memorial.

Skyscrapes around Worldtrade Center

Ground Zero – World Trade Center Memorial

I love this photo with the mirror image of the houses in the scyscrape – Ground Zero

The memorial felt very calm with the open spaces, large ponds and lots of trees.

We then proceeded down to Battery Park, where we had lunch. You can see both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from there and half the park was full with people queueing for one of the ferries to go there. We were happy to take photos from a far and continue our walk.

Battery Park

The Statue of Liberty from afar

Ellis Island

We then walked along FDR Drive to Brooklyn Bridge, but I have to show you those photos in the next post as WordPress doesn’t seem to cope well with the amount of photos in this long post. To be continued… klyn Bridge och FDR drive, som publiceras precis efter detta.

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