The birthday party

Bubbles are a must!

As it was my birthday when I was in Sweden I thought I would tell you about my birthday party. It is always good fun to gather the friends and I had a fab time. Thanks guys!

The menu for the evening looked like this:

Ricotta stuffed mushrooms with lemon and persillade as well as mussels with aioli as nibbles


Salmon with pea mousse and crayfish tails


Venison and roast beef with potato parcels, Madeira sauce and carrots


Elderflower parfait with red currants


Chocolate cake

The recipe for the starter is from the book Gourmet food for a fiver by Jason Atherton. For once I actually followed the recipe but I realised I should have been a little bit critical and made it my own. It was still a fab dish, but it needs a bit more oompf to be perfect.

The main course was easy to serve since we plated the meats, potato parcels and carrots and had the guests pour the sauce at the table.

Elderflower parfait with homegrown red currants

Chocolate cake with the best chocolate frosting. Baked and decorated by my dear mama.

Apart from pictures of the food I would also like to share a few party snaps with you. It is after all the people that make the party. And this party was very fab indeed thanks to the fantastic guests. Recipes will follow in separate posts.


Hello, hello…

Me and my best friend!

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