The Botanist

I met Jess and Laura for a spur of the moment drink on Friday that actually turned into a proper meal. We had some errands to do and then met up at The Botanist in Sloane Square after.

This busy bar and restaurant is always popular, but it was quite quiet in the dining room when we arrived, but it soon picked up.

We were pretty slow at ordering, too busy drinking Chapel Down sparkling wine and gossiping. But eventually we managed to decide on the starters.

Jess and Laura shared this smoked salmon with horseradish cream, Irish soda bread and lemon. Good produce and the girls were happy!

I chose half a dozen escargots served in plenty of bubbling butter with garlic and parsley and bread to dip of course. Although they were served off the shell, the snails were big and juicy.

After another while we also managed to decide on the maincourses, after asking our lovely waitress a number of questions.

Laura chose a lovely fresh salad with the most amazing lemon dressing. The salad consisted of purple broccoli, peas, broadbeans, radishes, goat’s cheese curd and candied walnuts.

Jess and I chose half a grilled lobster each, with tarragon butter and chips. It was Friday after all. It was beautifully plated on a round wooden board and the tarragon butter came in a mini copper pot. The lobster was perfectly cooked and melted in your mouth, and worked pretty well with the Burgundy Chablis we had to drink.

Apart from the nice food, I really liked the ambiance and the professional staff. We were probably a bit annoying, asking lots of questions, but our waitress was friendly and professional and offered her personal opinion which we really appreciated.

The Botanist does classic uncomplicated dishes and swim somewhere in the waters between a gastro pub and restaurant, but they do it well. It is focus on good procude and good cooking as well as good front of house. I find it perfect for some wine and a bite to eat after a busy day at work which was just what we were there for.

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