A reminder: homemade calamari

When food shopping in Waitrose on Sunday I could not resist some squid from the fish counter and made a big batch of calamari for my visiting friend Therése and myself. Served with a nice salad and homemade mayo/aioli, and perhaps some bread this is a wonderful summer meal. Quick and easy to make too!

Calamari, serves 2

4-5 squid tubes

3 tbsp semolina (flour works if nothing else at hand)

2 tsp paprika

a pinch of salt

neutral oil  (vegetable oil/ground nut oil)

To serve:

lime and/or lemon wedges

mayo of some sort

Cut the squid into rings. Pour semolina, paprika powder and salt in a large ziplock bag and shake it. Add the squid rings and shake so the rings get coated by the mixture. Heat up 2 cm high of oil in a large pan. Check that it is hot enough by throwing in a small piece of bread. If it browns it is hot. Remove the bread and add a handful calamari. Beware of the oil splashing about. Fry until the calamaris are golden on both sides. Remove with a slotted spoon or tong, drain on some kitchen towel. Fry the remaining squid in a few batches. Serve immediately!


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