Memoirs with food

Every time I visit my friend Gaby I have a look in her book case and last time she lent me two memoirs with recipes, a for me new genre.

One of the two memoirs is written by Anna del Conte, whom Nigella Lawson has mentioned as one of her inspirations to Italian cooking. Funnily enough, Anna mentions Nigella in this book too. Risotto With Nettles, as it is called, is definitely worth reading. Anna tells us about her childhood in Milan, what it was like in Italy during the Second World War and how she ended up in Britain. Further we get to follow her family life and career and at the end of every chapter follow a few recipes. Apart from the lovely stories and the fabulous recipes I am very impressed with her ability to write in English; you certainly do not notice that Englsh is not her native language.

Madeleines In Manhattan is Colette Rossant’s memoir called. She guides us through her childhood on Egypt and later in France, yhe move to New York?, her career and all her travels.

The language in this book is a bit more basic than Anna del Conte’s but the fabulous stories more than make up for it. I can’t wait to try the recipes either.

This is a new genre for me, which I really enjoyed reading.

One thought on “Memoirs with food

  1. Personally I love this genre, altho’ I have not met up with either book. It is such a wonderful opportunity to learn of the background of the creator of the recipes you are reading and using. Once one has been immersed in the love of food awhile, one is aware we are, after all, using ‘variations on themes’. The special why’s and wherefore’s do enrich. Thank you for the post 🙂 !

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