Foodies Festival at Hampton Court

I think the organisers were hoping for better weather…

Last weekend the Foodies Festival at Hampton Court took place and thanks to my nice friend Charlie I got free tickets.

The weather was definitley not the best for anything outdoors as it was grey and miserable. We walked around and tried different things, bought quite a lot of interesting products as well as ate lunch.

A few things I haven’t encountered before was the popchips that are popped potato crisps and therefore less greasy as they have not been deepfried. They were nice, but I do like proper crisps better, you kind of want and expect the greasyness.

For healthty crisps I would much rather go for Whole Food’s kale crisps, but the price was pretty steep so I prefer to make my own I think. Something we did enjoy from Whole Foods was their prosecco for £2.50 a glass (!). Suddently the weather didn’t matter that much.

There was plenty of different types of food, from like these wonderful looking pork pies…

… to healthy vegan cakes and bread with added moisture from fruit and vegetables.

We looked at this table quite a lot as everything looked amazing. I bought a spinach and ricotta strudel (to the left) and it was nice, but not as amazing as it looked unfortunately. Laura was very pleased with her salad box though, and it looked really good.

My lunch this day was a bahn mi from Bahn Mi 11 with BBQ pork, coriander, chilli sauce and carrots. It was my first bahn mi but it was sooo scrumptious it is definitely not my last.

We also had a look then the actress turned television chef Fay Ripley (from Cold Feet) cooked live. She made seabass with pesto and dressed spaghetti as well as small Italian cookies with nutella. Pictured above are Fay (left), the annoying presenter (middle) and a volunteer from the audience rolling cookie dough (right).

I really liked the look of these mini victoria sponges – adorable.

On our way out we stopped for a free gin & tonic at Hendrick’s gin. They had an old-fashioned corner with different gin cocktails and were dressed up in tweed.

One thought on “Foodies Festival at Hampton Court

  1. Thank you for showing how it is done in England these days! Much enjoyed. Can’t help but smile widely to think that the weather was so unwelcoming that the prosecco and G&T almost took centre stage 😀 !

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