Scandi tip #22: Scandi article in The Telepgraph

If you are interested in Britain’s love affair with Scandinavia, this article from the Telegraph is a good read.

But it is a reverse love affair as well, and a longer one at that. This weekend I once again have Swedish friends visiting their favourite city; London. And me.

Luckily they have been here before, so we don’t have to do the tourist attractions, instead we will explore different areas, eat good food and enjoy the fact that alcohol is cheaper here than in Sweden. And catch up of course!

One thought on “Scandi tip #22: Scandi article in The Telepgraph

  1. And in far, far away Australia I’m laughing out aloud: we Aussies probably beat you Brits to all of the Scandinavian! IKEA has been top dog for ages, N Europeans introduced both aquavit AND Marimekko since forever etc et al. Haven’t heard of the TV programme, but then don’t watch much in the way of series 😀 !

    The camellia photo is absolutely exquisite: one of the reticulatas?

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