Simple dessert: vanilla icecream + sherry

During Easter I managed to meet up with one of my dearest childhood friends, Karl. He lives abroad too and it is not often that we are both at home in Sweden at the same time.

Karl works in Norway as a restaurant manager and sommelier so when we met up we obviously talked about food.

He also gave me a very nice gift; sweet sherry from the year we were both born. It has been aged for so long that it has become syrupy and a bit too sweet just to drink. Instead Karl recommended it be poured over vanilla icecream as dessert.

I obviously tried this more or less straight away and it was seriously yummy. The dessert is of course very simple to make, but is still worthy to be a dinner party finale. And with homemade vanilla icecream this would be even nicer (we used bought icecream this time). Do try this at home, folks!

1982 Bodegas Toro Albala Don PX Gran Reserva

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