Scandi tip #21: spring essentials

Spring (and summer) my favourite part of the year, because of the weather of course. I grew up in the south of Sweden where we sometimes had snow during winter, but mostly it was just windy and freezing cold (because of the wind and the flat landscape). So you can see why we (I) looked forward to spring.

Apart from the nice weather spring comes with lots of new produce. Of course you can get similar things here but I’d thought to tell you about what we look forward to in Sweden anyway, this time of year.

Of course asparagus, both the white and green. You can use asparagus in so many different ways and you can find how here.

Broad beans are another favourite of mine that I mostly use in salads. You find recipes here and here.

As mentioned ealier this week, wild garlic is spring for me and I have a total crush on these garlicky leaves. You can use it in anything, just remember that you need quite a few leaves as a leaf on its own is very subtle in flavour.

Also radishes and cress are spring favourites too and I eat them in the simplest way possible. Butter a nice slice of sourdoug, top with a good hard cheese, add some cress and serve radishes with salt on the side. Lovely!

Spring is definitely the time of year when I’m craving salads the most. Summer works too, but by then I usually crave BBQs instead… Scandis like prawns in their salads (and sandwiches, jacket potatoes – anything…) and the type of prawn we go for is the one we can catch in our own waters, the smaller softer ones, that are usually labelled cold water prawns, Icelandic/Greenlandic or Maine prawns. Those paired with boiled eggs, lettuce and a dilly mayo is spring for me. Garlic bread optional.


One thought on “Scandi tip #21: spring essentials

  1. Altho’ winters are not severe here, spring for me is also the favourite season: asparagus and artichokes: can’t wait for them to come into stores 🙂 !

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