Green restaurant, Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is the town closest to where I grew up. It is in the south of Sweden and the third largest city in the country (although it is not very big). It is situated by the seafront and the port was important for the growth of the city.

In the recent years the city has tried to transform its image and become more modern and less industrial. That was why the turning torso – Malmö’s new landmark – was built.

And it at the bottom of this tower in the West Harbour that the Green food market and restaurant recently opened. The restaurant that was here before was expensive and flashy where as Green is more in tune with the times and is presenting affordable, natural food in a more rustic interior.

Emma och Linus
Emma and Linus

I have been very curious about this place since I first heard about it. My best friend Emma (above) went there for dinner before and was really pleased so I was hoping my dining experience would be similar.

Unfortunately it wasn’t great, but not terrible either. We went here on Easter Sunday for brunch/lunch and all in all it was satisfactory but it could have been a lot better.

Malin and me

Out of the three waitresses that served us, two were really nice and professional but the third rude and less professional.

i chose a breakfast dish; eggs Florentine, and although it looked good (apart from the raw spinach) both the eggs and the hollandaise were cold. Otherwise the eggs were perfectly poched and the toasted sourdough really nice, so I suspect the kitchen did their job but that the plate got cold while waiting for the waiting staff.

The other three ordered the chicke Caesar and were all very happy with it. The chicken was moist and tender and the dressing really good.

Once we finished our meal we were neglected for at least 30 minutes, and we had to ask for the bill at the bar, which we were not impressed with. A shame that the service was like this on a day when the restaurant wasn’t even half full. And I feel sorry for the kitchen that are doing their job properly but because of the waiting staff the customers (at least us) are still left unsatisfied.

I have high hopes for this restaurant I hope it will get better with time and work out the kinks, because the kitchen is doing a good job and the menu definitely make me want to come back.

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