My Swedish Easter

I hope you have had a wonderful Easter. Apart from snow (!) and cold winds my Easter back home in Sweden was fantastic.

I got to hang out with my friends, spend time with my parents, go for walks, eat lots of nice food and just relax a bit.

When I got home on Good Friday my Easter egg was full of sweets, exactly like I hoped it would be. My mother painted this egg for me when I was a little girl obsessed with the colour pink. It is my favourite Easter egg, but a purple one my grandmother made is almost as nice.

My mother has still got some Easter eggs from when she was a little girl (yes, we like traditions in my family). Aren’t they nice? Well kept since they’re from 1959 and 1960…

Although the weather was pretty bad mum and I managed to go to the woods and pick some white anemones. It is proper spring when they’ve come out!

8 thoughts on “My Swedish Easter

  1. Thank you so much for sharing . . . when I was a ‘little ‘un’ anemones were my very favourite flowers, they were somehow precious in their purity and only to be very, very gently touched . . . [OK, I liked bunnies and daffodils and pasha too!!]

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