My city: lovely London

Yesterday I went to Tate Modern with my friend Maria and her colleague Hannan. The exhibition was Boetti and Kusama. In general I don’t really like modern art (probably because I don’t get it most of the time) but I really enjoyed Kusama’s work.

Since it was a beautiful evening I decided to walk across the Thames from my office and wander down the Southbank. I love that stretch of the river bank and the view is lovely. You see Westminster and Big Ben looking left, near you you have the London Eye and to your right you have St Paul’s Cathedral and The City.

On days like this, when I have time to really experience my London, I get an instant reminder of why I chose to live here and why I’m still here four years on. I just love my city! That is of course why I wanted to share these pictures with you.

The pictures are taken with my old iPhone, but they turned out pretty good this time.

2 thoughts on “My city: lovely London

  1. Doesn’t the saying go ‘When you are tired of London, you are tired of life’?! Utterly beautiful photos of one of my very favourite places also . . . Thank you for sharing!

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