Dublin, part I: Guiness store house and Trinity College

On Saturday I met up with Karin at Dublin Airport; she arrived from Liverpool and I from Gatwick. Before I headed over to the other terminal to meet her, I went to the washrooms and this Irish lady started talking to me instantly. It turned all the Irish people we met during our stay in Dublin were just as friendly as she was.

After having left our bags at the hotel and had some breakfast we walked in the rain to the Guiness store house were we enjoyed the educational but sometimes a bit slow, exhibition. It was interesting to learn how Guiness is made and what gives it the distinctive dark colour (roasted barley).

Karin outside the Guiness store house

Included in the ticket was both a little taster of Guiness and also a whole pint at the top floor bar. Before we headed up there we stopped at the floor beneath to have lunch.

Seafood soup with samphire

The menu sounded really nice, but the execution wasn’t really there unfortunately. Our soup tasted quite nice, but some of the seafood looked a bit sad and it was obvious it came from a supermarket counter and not a proper fishmonger.

The was also not hot enough. We loved the dark soft bread though. We also stopped at the shop on our way out for some Guiness toffee and chocolate.

Afterwards we wanted to see Marsh’s Library, the first public library in Ireland with books dating back to the 1500s. Unfortunarely it closed early in the afternoon so we didn’t have time to visit. Walking back to the town centre the sky really opened and we had to run into a department store to escape the rain.

We found some lovely looking cupcakes there. And the store itself was an amazing building, too bad they only had boring shops like Argos inside it. It had such potential!

Trinty College

On the Sunday we went to Trinity College in the town centre and it was nice and all, but both Cambridge and my old univeristy in Sweden is a lot prettier. The sign posting was also lacking a lot and it took us a while to find the Science Gallery but it was closed because they were putting up a new exhibition. So we went to another exhibition instead; the Book of Kells. It was fairly interesting but could have been displayed in a better way. The best part however, was that on our way out we had to go upstairs to the long room, which indeed was a long room with a wonderful rounded ceiling and lots and lots of old leather bound book and statues if famous authours. That was wonderful to see!

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