Cocktails at Bob Bob Ricard

Photo: Bob Bob Ricard.

On Friday the plan was for me, Laura and Jess to go to a nice pub in Chelsea, but we ended up having cocktails at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho instead, before heading to another bar for food and some more drinks.


Pear bellini

Once we decided to stay central we actually wanted to go to Mark’s Bar at Hix, but it was full and it was too cold to hang around waiting. Instead we walked two blocks to Bob Bob Ricard. It was the first time we were here, but we liked what we saw (and experienced).

When we opened the heavy door, at least four staff members greeted us, took our coats and showed us to our table in the downstairs bar.

The whole place is in art deco style and it looked really nice. The bar downstairs was all in red and had little booths with sofas and little flap chairs. The cocktail menu had lots of interesting English cocktails, as well as little nibbles like olives and popcorn.

Jess and I had a pear bellini each, which was lovely, and Laura’s choice of a Garden drink with Pimm’s, elderflower and mint was very refreshing and it was fun to see what else you can do with Pimm’s apart from serving it with fruit and lemonade.

We agreed that this is a perfect place to start a date or just go for a drink or two when in need for some instant glamour.

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