Spot, Malmö, Sweden


My last evening in Sweden was spent with my parents in the good company of lobster and wild duck, but my last day in Sweden, the day efter that dinner, I went into Malmö with my dad for lunch and later met up with my best friend Emma for a coffee.

The place where dad and I went for lunch is a place that has existed for ages, but I had totally forgotten about it. The experience, although just a having a pizza, was so good I thought I’d tell you about it too.

The restaurant is situated really close to the pedestrian street and is always really busy. The interior is very rustic with wooden tables and chairs and a large pizza oven in the corner.

You order and pay at the bar, then help yourself to newly baked bread, glasses, cutlery and napkins. There is oil on the tables to dip the bread in as you wait for your food.

We both ordered the same, the prosciutto pizza and it was sooo good. The base was nice and crispy with just enough topping, plenty of cured ham and some salad on top. And it tasted wonderful.

I ate so much more than I normally do, just because it was that nice, and also so I could avoid the poor food options at Copenhagen airport (although Lagekagehuset is OK).

Spot Restaurant
Stora Nygatan 33
211 37 Malmö

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