Chocolate cake with mint chocolate frosting

When it comed to chocolate I just love the Hummingbird Bakery frosting with cream cheese that reminds me of my mothers frosting for her chocolate cake. But because I use this frosting so much, it is fun to alter it a little sometimes, and the easiest way is of course to make a mint chocolate frosting. This version is not too minty, I still wanted the frosting to taste of chocolate, so for me this is perfect, but you can add more or less of peppermint essence to create the flavour you like.

I found this cake quite Christmasy because of the mint flavour and decorated it sparsley with candy cane sprinkles, which was an effective way to make a holiday cake.

Chocolate cake with mint chocolate frosting, serves 8-10

The cake, 2 sponges

400 ml caster sugar

330 ml plain flour

4 tbsp cocoa

2,5 tsp vanilla sugar

2,5 tsp baking powder

135 g melted butter

3 eggs

200 ml hot (recently boiled) water

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add eggs, butter and water and stir to combine. Pour it into one or two round 20cm springforms and bake in a low oven for 35-45 minutes in 175C. Leave to cool completely. Remove from the tin(s). If you only used one tin, but the cake in half with a bread knife.

Mint chocolate frosting

400 g icing sugar

150 g softened butter

60 g cocoa

300 g cream cheese, cold

2 tsp peppermint essence

Beat sugar, butter and cocoa with an electric whisk. Add the cream cheese and beat for about 5 minutes until you have a glossy frosting. Add the peppermint and beat to incorpotate.

Divide the frosting in four. Add the first 1/4 to spread onto the base sponge. Put the other sponge on top and use 2/4 to cover the whole cake with the frosting (both sides and on top). Use the last 1/4 to pipe decorations on top. Add candy cane sprinkles if you like.

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