Ducksoup, Soho

This little restaurant, on Dean Street in bustling Soho has been around for a few months, but I only heard of it recently. So had Caroline at work, so we decided to go there for lunch together.

The place is quite small and there are only a few tables (of which all were booked when we arrived) but there were available places around the big bar, and considering the amount of food we ordered we were better off sitting at the large counter top at the bar than the small tables behind us.

The menu came on a hand written note and consisted of a few sections; bar food, small plates, large plates and dessert.

We ordered a little bit of everything, and it arrived when it was ready – tapas style.

The first dish that appeared was the grilled pepper with some grilled tomato wedges and capers. Simple and lovely.

Then came the bread, which was great together with the cod roe, which was a bit too salty on its own.

The rest all appeared at once, but we started off eating the mussles and clams in a traditional white wine sauce, but with the clever addition of small spaghetti strands to soak up the juices. This was lovely and the portion very generous!

Next we tucked in to the grilled octopus with its gremolata looking topping. It was really nice and the fresh herbs made all the difference.

The finale was a whole grilled mackerel, almost blackened on the skin and absolutely delicious. It was seasoned with sumac and came with a burnt lemon which goes so well with seafood.

We loved this, and for me, this was the best part of the meal. The fish was so lovely in its flavour, and the skin really crisp, so we ended up eating that too.

We also had a glass of wine each, which the waitress had to recommend as neither of us knew anything about the wines on the black board.

The bill came to a little above £50 for the two of us, which was very reasonable. The food is simple, but has that little extra something a meal out for me requires. There is nothing worse than feeling that you could cook it better yourself. I certainly didn’t feel like that in Ducksoup and we will definitely go back for more.

Ducksoup, 41 Dean Street, London W1D 4PY

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