Pulled pork in the slowcooker, and what to serve with it

I have made pulled pork a few times now and I am, to say the least, addicted to it. And it works best to do it in the slowcooker. Just load it in the morning, turn it on low and you will have the most tender meat by the time you get home from work. When home in the evening, I removed the meat from the sauce and reduced the sauce, pulled the meat apart with forks and mixed it with the sauce. That took five minutes so I could concentrate on the trimmings instead. We had Nick over for dinner when I cooked this last so I might have gone a bit crazy with the trimmings. But this is what I like to serve it with every time:

  • homemade salsa
  • guacemole
  • grated cheese, like Monterey Jack
  • greens; little gem, cucumber, tomatoes, red bell peppers
  • slaw
  • nice bread
  • wheat tortilla triangles fried in butter – yum yum!
  • nachos
  • sour cream

We were so full afterwards we didn’t even contemplated the dessert I had lined up. So DO try this if you haven’t already. It is so so good! för guds skull det. Så grymt gott!

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