Scandi tip #1: Jo Nesbø

Since this from now on is more of a Scandi food blog than just a food blog, I will introduce a new series of posts. Once a week I will tell you about something wonderful from Scandinavia, may it be a book, a film, food, a shop, a restaurant or anything in between. Maybe even something news related if I feel like it.

First up is one of my favourote authors: Jo Nesbø. He is claimed to be the next Stieg Larsson and many of you have discovered him already. For those of you who haven’t – read one of his books! You will soon be hooked and read the whole series about Harry Hole; the unconventional cop solving murder mysteries. In the books you really get to now Norway and its capital Oslo, where the book is set. There will be lots of snow, WWII politics, the Royal Family and of course awful murders to read about.

The first book in the series about Harry Hole translated to English is The Redbreast.

Note: The pictured is borrowed from here.

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