Friday update and a weekly menu, sort of

I skipped the Friday update last week because of the sad news of the riots in this lovely city.

But things are back to normal now, and regular people have claimed back the city. It almost feels like a bad dream what was happening here 2 weeks ago.

This week I have been extremely tired, after a shock to the system of being back to work for a full week. But I had time for meet up with my friend Jenny for a fro-yo at Snog one day after work. I tried a green tea version which was nice, but didn’t taste that much of tea. Jenny chose passionfruit which tasted more and was really nice. Apart from that it has mostly been early nights, but at least I have a busier weekend. I will spend the day tomorrow with my friend Nick, we will go to a few (food) markets and have a nice dinner. He’s basically showing me some of what East London has to offer. On Sunday we’re going to Ian and Anna’s new flat for lunch and a much needed catch up.

The autumn is nearly here and it feels like people are getting organised for weekday life again after the summer holidays. Most blogs show this by posting a weekly menu, which is great for mid-week dinner inspiration.

I plan our meals too, most weeks, but I usually decide what to eat but not when to eat it. And I prefer to start my week on the Friday because that is when I get the weekly shopping. I like to have a well-stocked fridge for the weekend and indulge a little extra then.

The following week, starting today, will look like this in our household:

Friday: sirloin steak, celeriac gratin and port and porcini sauce

Sunday: out for lunch, so paninis with salami in the evening

To post a weekly menu is more for my own sake, but hopefully you will find inspiration from it too. It is just so difficult to think of what to have for dinner some days, don’t you think?

Have a nice weekend!


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