Mosaik, Malmö, Sweden

We went out eating with friends in Malmö, one evening in Sweden. We headed to Gränden, a cosy court yard restaurant with cheap and cheerful food; but the reason you go is that court yard. But not any more. After been waiting for 45 minutes, having dealt with really rude staff, experienced flat drinks and having tables given away to other people although we were first on the waiting list is just not acceptable.

Tired, hungry and grumpy we went to Mosaik on the grand square instead. We were greeted by happy, efficient staff and managed to have a lovely evening despite the way it began.

Mosaik is a tapa style place with dishes from all over the Mediterranean. One dish Christopher and I shared was these mussles. They look fantastic don’t they?! They were good, but less tasty than they look unfortunately.

The fried potatoes looks quite plain but was delicious! After the meal my friends asked me what the best dish was and I actually said the potatoes. They looked at me with amazement and shook their heads… 🙂

But then I remembered the mushroom risotto, which actually was the best dish we had that evening. Creamy, light and full of flavour.

Christopher enjoyed this goat’s cheese toast all by himself, I had no idea what was with me, but for some reason I didn’t fancy goat’s cheese that day. Didn’t fancy cheese, how unlike me!

I love calamari, and when I make them myself I usually don’t coat them with batter because they are so soft and lovely as they are. Normally when dipped in batter it is because they are either readymade and rubbery (read: horrible) or like they want to hide less good produce. With those sceptic thoughts I was quite surprised when these calamaris were smooth and soft on the inside with crispy batter on the outside, not the rubbery limd at all.

We were three couples eating together and each couple chose their selection of tapas to try, and all of us ended up trying the teriyaki marinated chicken wings which were lovely.

We managed to have a really nice evening together, like you always do with good friends, and we definitely had better food were we ended up. Still a cheap place, but with far better service…

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