Gnocchi bake with pancetta

This is my second version of gnocchi bake (you find the first version here). I think gnocchi is a nice substitute for pasta. Ok, yes, technically it IS pasta, but both texture and taste is different because of the added potatoes.

Next up I want to make my own gnocchi, but lackling the time or patience, I recommend the brand Del Ugo. It is fresh gnocchi, that doesn’t need to be cooked before added to the bake.

This dish is rich and creamy, and some days call for nothing less than creamy indulgence. The recipe is very simple, but the pancetta gives the gratin all the flavour it needs. Sometimes there is no need to complicate matters.

Gnocchi bake with pancetta, serves 4

500 g fresh gnocchi

100 g pancetta cubes

200 ml creme fraiche

100 ml cream

chopped parsley

1 handful grated cheese

Fry the pancetta crispy. Drain on kitchen towel. Grease an oven dish. Add gnocchi (uncooked) and the pancetta. Mix creme fraiche and cream (+ salt and pepper) and pour into the dish.  Scatter the parsley and top with the cheese. Bake in 200C 20-30 min. 

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