My London week

I sometimes feel I don’t have time to update the blog about all the nice places I visit in this lovely city, so every Friday I will try and tell you about my week and what I have been up to.

Twice this week, have I had drinks at the London institution Gordon’s Wine Bar. The bar is situated by Embankment station and has plenty of tables outside as well as nice wines to reasonable prices. They have nice food here as well, and you buy it next to the bar. Most common is the excellent selection of cheeses and condiments, but they have salads, chilli prawns, squid, chicken scweres and much more.

I have also been to da Polpo in Covent Garden for the first time. It is newly opened and similar to its sister restaurants Polpo, Polpetto och Spuntino; they serve rustic Italian food to very reasonable prices. (A more descriptive review to come.)

This weekend we are venturing out of London, to visit Christopher’s mother in Buckinghamshire. The train journey only takes 30 minutes, but it is real countryside here with nice pubs, walks, cute shops and fresher air. We’re probably having a barbecue on Saturday, which is such a treat for someone living in a flat!

Have a fantastic weekend, guys!

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