Prawn rolls with caviar and red onion, and a BBQ

I made these lovely rolls as a pre-dinner snack on Sunday when we were waiting for the barbecued meat. They are easy to make and you can fill them with whatever you want. I have made similar ones before with smoked salmon and horseradish, but these are even nicer.

I also made hummus at Emma’s request and we had radishes, carrot batons and cucumber to dip.

We barbecued both extremely tender slices of topside of beef and pork chops, served with bearnaise sauce, two-root slaw, asparagus wrapped in bacon and oven-roasted new potatoes.

Sunday was also Mother’s Day in Sweden so we had cake (made by mother though, not me, I was busy being hangover) and she made a classic cake for our family – lemon mousse roll. It is lovely and retro and a good tip is to make a bit too much of the lemon mousse so you can enjoy some on its own in a bowl with some fresh berries too. 🙂

Prawn rolls with caviar and red onion, serves 6 as an appetizer

6 soft wheat tortillas

creme fraiche

lumpfish caviar/roe

1 red onion, finely chopped

100-150 g peeled icelandic prawns

Spread a thin layer of creme fraiche on each tortilla. Spread caviar on top of that. Scatter red onions and prawns on top and roll it tightly into a roll. Place on a plate and leave for an hour in the fridge. Slice in inch-thick slices before serving. Enjoy!

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