England: Kent

We’re back in London now and mum and dad are on the plane back to Southern Sweden (although they land in Denmark..). We have really enjoyed our mini break and it has been lovely to explore the UK together. The weather has been fantastic; clear blue sky, warming sunshine and over 25C most days. Love it!

We started our tour in Kent, where the first stop was cosy Royal Tunbridge Wells before we continued to Tenterden and Chapel Down (will write about it separetly). On the second day we went to beautiful Sissinghurst, a garden my mother has talked about for at least ten years. She was as happy as a child at Christmas when we were there, and it sure was a beautiful garden.

2 thoughts on “England: Kent

  1. What gorgeous photos – we were in Hampshire over the weekend and it was all carpets of bluebells and endless birdsong…sigh!

    1. It is lovely! My mother, who likes her flowers, was extatic about the bluebell carpets everywhere. We don’t have them in Sweden.

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