Syria: Dead cities and Palmyra

When we travelled around the country, the last place for us to visit before we returned to Damascus was Palmyra. The place is amazing and something everyone should get to experience. We werw incredibly happy that we had saved this place to last, because if we had seen this earlier on the trip, we would probably end up disappointed with a few other sights, like the abandoned Byzantine cities outside Aleppo; the dead cities. This is why I will show you the photos in the same order we saw these two places. And I sincerely hope our pictures will make Palmyra justice. It is an amazing place.

The dead cities have been abandoned a long long time, but were well preserved. There are quite a few of them, but we only visited the two closest to Aleppo. When we were there, it was just Christopher and I and our driver who stayed with the car. At least that was what I thought, until I ended up walking into a farm situated just behind the city. They even used the ruins as stables for their sheep.

Palmyra was founded in ancient times, and had Roman influences although it was its own empire with their own mythology. I believe the city was discovered as late as the 1970s and it was only a few years ago that a team of Japanese archeologists discovered some tombs a bit further away. Palmyra is a vast city and very well preserved. It feels like you have travelled back in time when you walk around these magnificient old buildings and columns. The small (modern) town that exists today only live off turism, and before the old Palmyra was discovered there was nothing here apart from sand. Quite a lot of sand we noticed when we got caught up in a small sandstorm the last day.

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