Syria: Restaurant Kaser Al-Wali in Aleppo

It was the hotel manager at Beit Zafran in Damascus that told us about this restaurant; Kaser Al-Wali. He has recently been there himself. And I am so glad we asked him for recommendations, as this place was exactly what we were after and a lot nicer than Beit Sissi. We were the only Western people in the restaurant, and both food and service were outstanding.

The restaurant was slightly difficult to find because it was situated in a small alley in the old part of town. When we arrived there were only a few tables occupied; a few couples, a gang of girls celebrating a birthday, and us. We were told it is a very popular place and that it was a good idea to book, and I am sure it is, when it is peak season. Mid-week in March they were not terribly busy.

Once again we decided on mezze. It is lovely, so why not?!

Their version of fatoush also contained fresh cabbage.

A bit more finesse here, as you can see. And yes, we had hummus yet again.

We also had the beloved baba ganoush, and it was fab.

The chilli and paprika dip with almonds was really good here.

The fried cheese parcels were nice, but not as good as the one we had on the tour.

We ordered sujok here as well, because we enjoyed it so much the night before. The Kaser Al-Wali version was just the sausage meat on its own with potatoes. Little did we know they meant chips. Although the meat was nice, we preferred the Beit Sissi version, so our visit there was not wasted.

We got free dessert here as well, and who can say no to heaps of icecream and deep-fried crispy dough parcel that taste sweet from honey and rose water?! Certainly not us. It was lovely, but once again we were terribly full. I am grateful we walked as much as we did this holiday. 🙂

Kaser Al-Wali
Zoukak Al-Arbaeen, Al Jdaideh
+963 21 9911

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