I’ve been in the mood to make (eat) langos (Hungarian street food) for a while now. Even though I’m going to Budapest next week I couldn’t wait any longer. 🙂

I quite like it with some ‘Swedish’ toppings like caviar, but grated cheese and garlic butter is authentic at least.

The toppings (clockwise from left): grated cheese, chopped red onions, soured cream, garlic butter, lumpfish caviar
Yum! Just fried...
My favourite combo of toppings: garlic butter, soured cream, red onions and caviar

Langos, serves 2

1 large potato (preferably King Edward or Maris Piper)

2 dl milk

1 tsp dried yeast

a pinch of salt

2 tbsp icing sugar

about 500 ml plain flour

750 ml vegetable oil

Boil the potato and press or mash it. Heta up the milk until lukawarm and pour some of it into a mixing bowl. Sprinkle in the yeast, then add salt and sugar, the potato, the remaining milk and the flour bit by bit. Work the dough eleastic either wuth your hands or with dough hooks. It should still be a little sticky. Sprinkle some flour on top, cover the bowl with cling film, then a cloth and place it somewhere warm to jumpstart the yeast. Leave to rise for 45 mins – 1 hr. Sprinkle some flour on your work top and knead the dough and divide it into 6-8 pieces. Shape each piece of dough into a small round (ish) pizza with the help of a rolling pin. Heat up the oil in a deep pan. To see if it is warm enough, throw in a small piece of bread. If it becomes golden the oil is warm enough. Put one of the langos in the pan to fry, first on one side then on the other. It is done when it is golden and crisp (the thinner the dough, the crispier it gets). Take up the langos with a slatted spoon when it is done and drian on kitchen towel. Fry the remaining langoses and eat straight away. Top it with garlic butter, soured cream, grated cheese, chopped red onions and caviar. Serve with napkins as this is quite greasy. And delicious. 

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