Jacket potatoes with easy peasy topping

Christopher was out playing cricket yesterday, which meant that he wasn’t hungry when he came home. I’m still amazed that they have tea and sandwiches during the game (that’s just so British!) and because it was the last game for the season they had dinner afterwards as well, so absolutely no hope that he was hungry after the game, so I had to come up with something to eat for myself.

I don’t particular like to cook for one, I just don’t see the point in it. For me, having a meal is a sociable thing – you eat together. Although my family isn’t a big and loud one, the three of us still had all meals together, apart from breakfasts, as I’m tired in the mornings and my parents are not. So when I cook for one I don’t enjoy it as much as when cooking for two or more, so I try to keep it simple and quick. Like these jacket potatoes, with a really simple yet very tasty topping. Try it when you’re home alone, and you won’t be disappointed.

I was hungry and made two potatoes but it was a bit too much. Sometimes the eye is hungrier than the tummy...

Jacket potatoes with easy peasy topping

Grab one or two large potatoes/baking potatoes and cut a cross on the top pf each potato. Bake in 200C for a little more than an hour. Take out the potatoes and press the sides towards the middle so the cut comes open. Put a knob of butter, either persillade or berbecue seasoning, some grated cheddar, creme fraiche, crispy bacon and some more seasoning on top. Enjoy!

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