Lemon mousse roll

For my birthday my mother made this yummy cake! She makes it quite often as it is such a crowd pleaser and you can make it far in advance. I don’t know where the recipe originates from but it is cut out of a magazine a long time ago.

Lemon mousse roll, 12+ portions

For the cake:

4 eggs

200 ml granulated sugar

100 ml potato flour

1 1/4 tsp baking powder

For the mousse:

4 eggs

125 ml granulated sugar

1 1/4 lemons, juice from

3/4 lemon, peel from

8 gelatine sheets

400 ml whipping cream

Whisk egg and sugar together for the cake, when it is white and fluffy, pour in the potato flour and the baking powder mixed together. Line a large baking tray with edges with baking paper. Bake in 250 degrees for about 5 mins (200 degrees might be enough for a fan oven). Turn it onto a baking paper sprinkled with sugar and remove the paper that was in the oven. Leave to cool.

Separate the eggwhites and yolks for the mousse. Whip up the yolks with the sugar until light and fluffy, mix in the lemon juice and peel. Wet the gelatine in water, squeeze to remove excess water and melt it into 50 ml hot water over low heat. Pour it gently into the sugar mixture little by little while whisking. Whip the whites until hard foam and turn it gently into the sugar mixture. Whip the cream until firm and turn it gently into the mixture. Let it set a little. Spread the mousse onto the sponge, let it set a little in the fridge before rolling it up from the shorter side. Wrap in parchment paper and then put it in a large freezing bag and freeze it until you need it. Defrost it slightly before serving it, so that the sponge has defrosted but the mousse is still frozen in the middle. (If deep frozen defrost it for an hour before serving it). Pipe whipped cream on top and place berries on top and around it for decoration. We emptied passion fruits over the cream and had grapes on the side, but it works with any fruit or berries.

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