Pasta with courgette, tiger prawns and parsley crème

As you can see below, we forgot to take a picture before dinner, this is Christopher’s plate mid-dinner when I had finished (inhaled) mine. Very tasty!

The parsley crème is not my own creation, you find the Swedish original recipe here.

Pasta with courgette, tiger prawns and parsley crème, 2 portions

200 ml fresh parsley

50 ml olive oil and more for frying

150 ml creme fraiche

1 baby courgette

1 packet tiger prawns

1 clove of garlic, pressed

1 lemon


Start with the parsley crème; mix the parsley with olive oil. Then stir in the creme fraiche, squeeze half the lemon in and season with salt and pepper (it needs quite a lot of salt). Next slice the courgette finely and cut the slices in half. Fry until golden in olive oil, then remove from the pan. Cook the spaghetti. Then use the same frying pan as before, warm up some oilve oil on low heat and add the garlic, then the prawns. When they’re slightly golden, squeeze the other half of the lemon over it and let it reduce a little, season with salt and white pepper. Add the courgettes. When the pasta is cooked, drain it and mix with most of the parsley crème. Plate the pasta and put the courgettes and prawns on top of the pasta, then dollop some of the remaining crème on top. Enjoy immediately!


One thought on “Pasta with courgette, tiger prawns and parsley crème

  1. I haven’t known much about Swedish food (besides those yummy prawn sandwiches in Stockholm) so I’m loving following this!

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