Lunch at Amanda Boman, Gothenburg


On Friday morning when I arrived in Gothenburg the sky was grey and the rain was pouring down. Much like London a few weeks ago.

Since the weather was so miserable I didn’t really want to be outdoors and suddenly I was standing outside Saluhallen, a covered food court with both shops and restaurant. Of course I went it and had a look around. I wanted something warming for lunch and settled for a bouillabaisse at Amanda Boman.

Included in the lunch was also a side salad, freshly baked sourdough, coffee or tea and three types of cakes and biscuits for afters.


The fish soup was fresh with plenty of vegetables as well as chunks of fish and seafood. The two big dollops of lime aioli made it delicious. The bread and cakes were lovely too, and really liked this little oasis in the food court.

Amanda Boman, Stora Saluhallen, 411 17 Göteborg, Sweden

Familjen restaurant, Gothenburg

When reading Charlotta’s Gothenburg guide, Emma and I liked the sounds of the Familjen (the Family) restaurant and booked a table for Saturday. We arrived already at 6pm, when the first session started, it was either that or 8.30pm onwards.

The restaurant had a cosy feel about it, and was decorated with both sofas and tables, red lights and very nice and familiar staff.

As soon as we sat down the tray above appeared with crisp bread, sourdough, butter and a mackerel spread. The bread was lovely and Linus adored the mackerel, I did not try it myself.

We all chose the same starter; forest mushroom soup with beef tartar and cheesy croûtons. The soup was nice, although a bit thin, and it desperately lacked salt. There were no salt or pepper mills on the table so I had to ask for salt at the bar. With added salt the flavour was really nice, but it could still have been a bit thicker.

The mains lacked no seasoning and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Emma and I chose hake loin with fennel, crab and tomato confit. I always think that fish needs a nice sauce, and that was lacking here, but I realised that it was not necessary for the dish. The lovely tomatoes burst and worked as the sauce and the flavours of this dish were suble but lovely. Linus chose the manliest maincourse;  valde en manligare varmrätt; veal entrecôte, red wine jus, roasted new potatoes and bread with bonemarrow. He really enjoyed it.

After two courses we were too full for dessert and decided to go home and make cocktails instead.

I thought this restaurant was good, but that it had potential to be even better. What I liked the most was the cosy athmosphere and the nice staff, but it should be more focus on the food really.