Wedding dinner at Ängavallen, Sweden

My best friend’s wedding (not the film),took place my last weekend in Sweden, and we had a fabulous day with blue skies, sunshine and plenty to keep us busy and prepare for the wedding ceremony and the dinner party afterwards at Ängavallen.

As I always focus on food, I was in charge of the lunch for the bride and us bridesmaids during the day, and made sure I took some pictures of the food during the evening meal as well, as everyone was busy taking pictures of the bride and groom.

As this was a wedding and not a restaurant visit, I will not analyse the dishes, just show them to you. But I can assure you it tasted as nice as it looks and both bride and groom and all the guests were very happy. Enjoy!

Vichysoisse with panfried scallops, caviar and pork belly crumbs.

Lamb from the farm, homemade lamb sausage, roasted new potatoes with rosemary and jus.

Rhubard, salted caramel icecream with crumble and rhubarb crème.

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